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Why Go Paperless?

Many ask, “Why go paperless?” because they have heard of the buzz word “paperless”, but they aren’t sure what it is or if there is any relevance to their business.  A similar question was probably asked in the 1980′s by many businesses, which would be “why have a computer?”  As technology changes, so does the way it both serves and transforms our society.  If you are asking why you should go paperless, let me give you kudos.  Many fear new technology, and are fearful to even consider or research how and if it could impact their business.  Here are some thoughts about paperless probably going through your mind right now.

Why Go Paperless Anyway?

  • What’s wrong with our current paper based system?
  • Is going paperless complicated to do?
  • Will my staff and business be able to adopt to a paperless document management system instead of traditional paper system we are using?
  • Will added technology speed up or slow down our workflow?
  • Can I really save any significant amount of money by going paperless?
  • Will I be forced to change how I run my business in a paperless environment?
  • Is paperless right for my type of industry?
  • Is it difficult to transition and migrate my office or department into using paperless?

Some of these questions no doubt ring familiar if you have been asking yourself and coworkers, “why go paperless?”  From talking with business leaders and office managers, these are the most common questions for those who do not know much about paperless document management.  The following are common answers we share with those seeking and having questions about a paperless office.

Why You Should Consider Going Paperless

  • A paper system is a lot of unnecessary work when paperless is an option for your business.  You may not think it currently is, but those in the 1980s could not imagine how having a computer would speed or help their business in any way.  Paperless document systems can speed up work significantly.  You can instantly find documents in a snap.  Never lose or wait for a documents.  It can also help alleviate papers being lost or stuck on someone’s desk and only that person knowing where it is.  When your documents are paperless, they are always a few clicks away.  It can also save vast amounts of time by auto filling out forms, instead of having to retype the same information.
  • Another reason why you should go paperless is that it is not complicated to do.  Once the system is installed, it becomes second nature.  Your business will wonder how it ever got along in a paper office environment.  Many staff love having all their documents neatly organized in a paperless system, accessible by them at anytime.  It can also be accessed anywhere, such as from home or on a paperless iPad.
  • When you ask why go paperless, you may want to instead ask, “what will paperless bring to my business it already does not have?”  The answer to that is many things.  Your employees will love the new paperless system, because it often speeds up their work time, and response to clients.  No longer look for files or documents in filing cabinets or off-site storage.  Find paperless documents anytime you need them, right away.  It can also integrate with other systems such as your website, QuickBooks, and other software systems that hold vital information for your business.
  • One great aspect when you go paperless, is that is helps speed up workflow.  Not only in finding digital documents, but also in how your office team collaborates.  Have you ever taken in a form, and needed several people to either review, modify, approve, or disqualify the document?  Now you can workflow that paper document into an automatic paperless cycle.  When the first person who needs to interact with the document is done, they can hit a button, and that document be routed to another person.  When that person is finished, the paperless document they worked on can then be dumped into a queue for any number of people to pick up next.  When they are done, it gets routed to someone else for final approval.  This workflow can be customized to any number or staff, departments, or forms.
  • When people think, “why go paperless” they often think of extra cost incurred.  However, the return on investment is earned back fairly quickly.  There are vast amounts of employee time that a paper system uses up, that could be reduced to a fraction of the current time.  Additionally, many businesses spend large amounts of resources on paper products, toner, copy machines, faxes, shredding services, filled up work spaces and offices with filing cabinets, and off-site storage costs.
  • The transition to paperless can be seamless with a well planned execution.  Often times, this forces the business to really think about how they conduct their day to day operations. In turn, migration to a paperless system helps them optimize their workflow, and save time with how they do things.  It’s right for almost any industry that processes even small amounts of paper, since even the smallest number of paper documents can be efficiently work-flowed with a well planned out paperless system.

So you can see that there are opportunities to improve your business process, save on employee time and resources, and overall increase your bottom line with going paperless.  If you’re still asking, “why go paperless?”, feel free to ask your questions on our weekly live webinar.  It’s not a sale presentation, but rather an informative and eye-opening conversation about paperless document management.  We’d love to have you!

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