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Save Paper in the Office

If you are looking to save paper in the office, you’ve come to the right place.  We list here many ways a paperless office can help save you paper, which equates to an environmentally friendly office, as well as reduced overhead costs.  For each sheet of paper, a company incurs many other costs.  That includes postage, storage, copying leases, ink and toner, and even employee time finding the paper again!  To a business, this really adds up.  So, saving paper in the office is what many companies are looking to cut back on.

Save Paper in the Office

  • First, select a document management system that will help you bring all your paper documents into a paperless management software solution.
  • Archive old copies of paper into the paperless system with a scanner.  Then store those papers off site.
  • Save paper in the office by no longer making copies, but viewing the digital paperless document within the paperless system.
  • Don’t pass physical paper around to employees, but setup a login system so that employees can access and view paperless documents on a computer.
  • Only print the final form of paper.  A paperless office will enable you to save revisions and only print what’s needed when it is needed.
  • Hook up a fax solution that can send a paperless document you have stored to a fax machine.
  • Set up a fax machine to receive paper and auto scan into the paperless system without the need to print it.

Every office can save paper.  Using a paperless office system is a great way to do just that!  It seems industry changes so fast at the hands of technology.  This the invention of iPads and tablet computing, more business are taking their office into the cloud and portable.  You can save paper in the office by doing just that.  A paperless document system can be accessed anywhere.  You can stop copying papers and files and bringing them home to work.  This will save a lot of paper per year.  You can also stop from printing multiple copies of documents, and simply make changes in the paperless system, and when ready print once.  This will also save paper by letting your office employees not accidentally be working on the same document twice.

We have also heard of many shredder companies losing business due to companies saving paper by going paperless.  This reduced the need for their services and shredding needs on a monthly basis.  As a result, some shredder companies have begun to offer paperless solutions for their clients to stay ahead of the curve.  As we mentioned, technology changes everything.  It diminishes some businesses, while creating new businesses.  With paperless document management, you can stay ahead of the curve and save your office paper costs.  Often times, a business migrates to paperless, and cannot believe the savings of time, money, and resource costs on a monthly basis.  Normally, this pays for itself no only in saved paper in the office, but also employee time.  When a business decides not to use paper as often, it also helps them serve their customers faster and on-demand.

So if you’re interested in saving paper in the office, you should check out our FREE paperless webinar.  We allow for question and answer time, and it’s not  a sales pitch.  It’s simply an informative webinar as a service to those businesses interested in going paperless.



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