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QuickBooks IntegrationMost small businesses rely on QuickBooks for their accounting needs. As a side note,  I personally think of QuickBooks as a necessary evil but that’s another article, I digress. Integrating your Document Management System (DMS), Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) or whatever you choose to call your paperless office system with QuickBooks can be critical to your business process.

Stop Double Entry of Data – By integrating QuickBooks with your paperless office system you can stop entering client and vendor information in two systems. Look for a DMS that links or integrates with QuickBooks. Enter your client data in QuickBooks and have it sync to your DMS without having to do double data entry. This cuts down on time and reduces keying errors.

Quick Invoice Look Ups – By linking your document management system with QuickBooks you can quickly retrieve client invoices, vendor PO’s or other documents that need to be permanently retained.

Retrieve Check Images – Within seconds you can retrieve an image of a client check which you scanned and filed to your electronic document management system. No need to go online to your bank and retrieve the image. This is especially handy should a client question arise about payment on their account. You would have an exact copy of the invoice mailed to the client and an image of the check they paid with.

Post and File – From one screen you can both post payments to QuickBooks and file your scanned check images. No need to switch back and forth between the two applications.

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