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Paperless Solutions

Paperless solutions for businesses come in many forms and features.  Common to all paperless solutions is getting a business away from traditional paper and its associated troubles, to a more streamlined document management system.  Almost all paperless solutions transform an existing paper document into its paperless counterpart.  This is accomplished by scanning a document into its digital electronic form.

Scanning on a small office scanner is usually not the best method a business begins to go paperless.  That of course depends on how many documents they plan to initially archive onto the paperless solution they have chosen.  Most businesses prefer to rent or buy industrial scanners for the purpose of quickly getting existing paper documents into their paperless software.  This seems to be the most tedious step for a business that is migrating from traditional papered office to a paperless solution.  Most turn the last two years of paper documents into paperless documents.  From there, they usually box up and store the documents offsite.  However, the most two recent years are not that their fingertips any time since they have been imported into the paperless document system.

As mentioned, all paperless solutions are not the same.  Some paperless systems stop at just scanning your document, and saving it somewhere.  We recommend a paperless solution to our client that actually handles the complete management of all their necessary documents.  The paperless software and also be used to create new documents, or edit existing ones.  Most scanned documents are not editable, but if done properly, a scanned form can be turned into a template that can later be pre-filled with data stored in your paperless solution software.

One of the beginning steps to going paperless, is talking with an expert about the workflow of the business.  Once an understanding has been gained about how the business normally processes its paperwork, then paperless solution can then be setup to mimic that same workflow, albeit by paperless means.  For instance, a consultation may reveal new clients first fill out a certain form.  That form should then be turned into paperless, and hooked to their website.  Once that initial form is completed, the filled out form is sent to a second department that reviews the information.  It is then passed on further to another department.  The good news is that a great paperless solution can actually facilitate and preserve this workflow, making it easy than traditional paper.

 Paperless Solutions

  • Scan a batch of documents for archiving.
  • Turn standard business forms into templates that can be populated by your paperless software.
  • Add users, along with document permissions levels.
  • Workflow a paperless document to other users or a group of users.
  • Consult with a paperless solutions expect that will guide the migration from traditional paper to paperless.
  • Keep all data organized and at your fingertips.

Fortunately for you, we hold a free live webinar each week on various paperless solutions for your business needs.  There, we cover a lot of topics and commonly asked questions.  One of our specially trained technicians will also answer any questions you may have about any topic related to going paperless.  Come join us this Wednesday!

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