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Paperless School

A paperless school and classroom is a reality with today’s latest technology.  With the invention and popularization of cloud services and mobile computing, a school can greatly benefit from becoming paperless.  There are many dynamics to a paperless school.  We will cover them briefly in this article.  It seems like paperless office is today’s buzzword for increasing office productivity.  It is not different for a school.  The benefits of paperless are many, and the following issues will help you see that.

Paperless School:  Why have it?

  • Cut down on paperwork time – Often times a student will have several documents that need to be reviewed or modified by several members of the school staff.  They might include a guidance counselor, a teacher’s assistant, or behavior analyst.  Having all school documents paperless will allow the items you need to be found fast, and passed to the other school employees who will use them.
  • Keep confidential information confidential – A paperless school system can assign permissions for a student’s documents.  Any student can have special documents that only a certain amount of people can see.  This is great for auditing purposes, or to keep the students information from prying eyes.
  • Save money on paper – A paperless system for schools will allow you to save on toner costs, printer costs, copy machine costs, and storage costs.  It is also great for the environment. With today’s budget cuts impacting many schools, a paperless system can save them thousands of dollars per month.
  • Integration with other systems – A paperless solution for schools can also be made to talk to existing school systems.  These systems might include those related to AS400, TERM and more.  If there is an ODBC driver for the system, it can easily talk to the paperless system.  Nightly batch jobs can make sure a paperless school can remain congruent amount various systems the school already has in place.
  • Better work flow between employees – We mentioned how a paperless system can help a school easily pass paperless documents from employee to employee.  It can also trigger automatic workflow events.  For instance, if a certain document must be completed within 60 days, the paperless system can alert certain users when that 60 day time frame is approaching.  This is great to make sure papers do not get lost in the shuffle, and deadline missed for auditing and compliance.

Having a paperless school is a great service for your students, their families, and staff.  Students can have their files secured in the document management system, and have all records easily found, managed, and modified.  Because the paperless system has user credentials, every time a paperless document is accessed, modified, or forwarded, it leaves an audit trail.  This way you can even see if a paper form was read by someone whom it was assigned to.

Our paperless school solution works well for private school, charter school, and government funded institutions.  Because government bodies have strict requirements for audits and proof for funding, the paperless system can be used to streamline those tedious tasks.

If you have specific questions about how to create a paperless school, then sign up for our LIVE free webinar and ask your questions in real time.  It is not a sales webinar, but an informative one that assists people with learning how to go paperless.

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