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Paperless Real Estate Office

A paperless real estate office is a reality with today’s technology.  How real estate offices have done business has been slowly changing over the last several years.  If you are looking for where to start with a paperless real estate office, then this article is for you.  With every closing, there are vast amounts of paperwork that must be handled.  Often times this paperwork needs to be passed from one person to another.  Often times this becomes a tedious process because it is not run through a paperless document management system.  Agents and underwriters are often struggling to keep up with paperwork, to meet deadlines and expectation of their clients, banks, and buyers.  The following will help you know if a paperless real estate option is right for you.

Benefits of a Paperless Real Estate Office

  • Streamline your workflow – One of the major benefits of going paperless is to streamline the work flow.  When it comes to a real estate office, there are many documents that need to be filled out, signed, and worked on by many people.  With a paperless real estate office setup, you can keep all of your documents well organized in a document management system.  You can assign each user permission to view or modify a document.  You can also pass the paperless document from one employee to another, even being able to see if they have viewed it or modified it.  This no doubt will keep your real estate office running smoothly.
  • Better service to client – With paperless, documents can easily be mailed out of the system to your clients.  They can also sign things digitally, even on iPADS which work well for paperless systems.  When I first bought my house, there were documents that had to be modified and signed over and over again.  There were also many real estate documents that had to be sent off to other parties.
  • Meet deadlines better – With a paperless system, you can set deadline and action.  Let’s say a reviewer has 5 days to look over a document.  You assign that real estate document to them.  You can set alerts to notify you if it has not been viewed 2 days before deadline.  You can also set alerts to tell you when it has been completed.  After the real estate office employee finished the document.  Then can then “close it” and it automatically get passed to the next employee in line.
  • PDF forms generated automatically – Once the document management system holds all the clients common information such as name, date of birth, work place, address, etc, you can then generate an unlimited amount of forms using the information.  There is no more typing each form with the same information over and over.  Instead, it’s automatically appended to the paperless document!
  • Save on paper costs – Many real estate offices spend hundreds of dollars a month on printing toner, drums, paper, and faxing services.  Now, paperless documents can be printed once when finalized, or send digitally.
  • Integrate with other systems – A paperless real estate office can integrate existing information systems with their document management system.  This can include accounting software, web information, and more.  Items such as leads can automatically become imported into the paperless system from various systems.
  • Work remotely – You can use an iPAD and even your home computer.

The paperless real estate office is the way of the future, and will give any real estate agent an edge over the competition.  Both your employees and customers will love it.  We hold a weekly webinar that is free to attend.  Ask your questions there, and our live technician will answer them specifically towards your real estate office!

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