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Paperless Productivity

Paperless productivity can help your organization become not only environmentally friendly, but also increase your bottom line by making your office more efficiently run.  In addition, imagine never digging through file cabinets to find important papers.  Your productivity by going paperless will boost your business turn around time and make your employees happy.  Paperless productivity is also increased when users of a paperless document system can look at digital copies for information, without the need to print.  Most businesses spend several thousand dollars on paper supplies, storage space, office materials, and copiers.

With a paperless system, productivity is guaranteed to increase.  Here are a few things to think about to increase paperless productivity that is gained from having a paperless office.

Paperless Productivity Advantages

  • Instantly find a paperless document, no more searching through storage onsite and offsite.
  • Quickly find paperless documents in seconds.
  • Send digital paperless documents using the document management system, instead of making new copies each time.
  • Assign security levels to documents, and keep that paperless document secured with proper access.
  • Keep track of documents better with a paperless system.
  • Increase your paperless productivity by going paperless today!

The trouble and fear most people have, is the fear of new technology.  We are certain that paperless technology is here to stay, and is the way of the future.  Above, we’ve mentioned some ideas about paperless productivity, and how it can meet the needs of your business.  We also hold a free live webinar on going paperless, each and every Wednesday.  If you have fears, questions, or just want some general answers about paperless document management, why not stop by?  It’s free, and not a sales presentation, but an information based one.  There, we go more in depth about paperless productivity among other topics.

Here’s what paperless productivity overcomes in the office, over and above your normal paper based work flow:

  • Do your employees lose documents?
  • Is there clutter all over your desk, filled with paper forms, invoices, and client files?
  • If a disaster, flood, or power outage hits, will your business come to a stand still?
  • Can anyone, including a janitor see your important documents?
  • Are you spending hundreds of dollars a month on shredding costs?
  • Are you spending thousands a year on copy products, machines, paper supplies?
  • Are you taking too long to get back with your customers when you pull files?
  • Do you lose where a paper has stopped, when an employee is depending on another to finish a document and set it on their desk?
  • Do you dread going to the filing cabinet to find a paper, that might be misfiled, often times it is?
  • Do you dread collecting files and papers to be sent off?  Does it waste your time to hunt and search?
  • Do you hate trips to the off-site storage places to dig for files among the bugs and dust?

As you can see, several factors may be stopping you, but paperless productivity an give your business that boost and competitive edge.  Why not visit us for the free live webinar on paperless productivity and other topics.  We can answer any question live just for you!

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