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Paperless Office Tips

Many struggle with the concept of going paperless.  We hope to provide some paperless office tips to those who venture out into reducing the clutter, and seeing the benefits of going to a paperless office.  It is best to first remember why you have or wanted to convert to a paperless office document system.  For many it was to reduce clutter, and be sure your paperless documents are always found.  For others, it was to tighten security a paperless filing system can offer.  Below are some tips on running a paperless office efficiently and effectively.

7 Paperless Office Tips

  • Tips for getting rid of paper – First begin with a scanner to convert current PDFs and forms into paperless.  Once you have caught up your old archive, usually two years worth, put the rest in storage off-site.
  • Another good paperless office tip is to begin with the end in mind.  This is especially important when deciding how to structure your documents.  Having a good structure for storage and naming will be very crucial to later finding your data.  Paperless documents can usually be found by simply searching, and within seconds the results are shown, but it is also a good idea to keep it logically organized.
  • Another paperless tip is to buy a good scanner.  It may not be worthwhile to scan documents one by one.  Instead buy or rent an industrial scanner that can turn the last two years of documents into paperless documents.  This is known as OCR or “Optical Character recognition”, when the text becomes searchable.  Sometimes this is not needed, but can be helpful.
  • Paperless forms is also a great benefit of a paperless office.  Collect all your forms, and make sure they are current.  From there, you can scan your form one time, then turn it into a paperless form template that will populate all future information.
  • Discuss with your technician who installs the paperless office system, how your information can be imported into the document management system.  Many times, a website can be scraped and that data automatically important into your paperless management system.  This is a great tip to save a vast amount of time in the future.
  • Setup effective user permissions for your paperless software.  It’s also a good idea to set up administrators or paperless storage areas that are read only.  This is great for HIPAA compliant needs and security.
  • The last paperless office tip is to discuss with your paperless consultant the workflow of your organization.  So, if a document would have normally been touched by 4 employees, you can set up automatic workflow for this to happen.  This means a paperless document could be originated, and then sent out to the first employee.  When they add information or sign off, it is automatically workflowed to the next employee for their changes.  Paperless workflow is a great tip.

There are many more paperless tips we could cover, but you might just want to visit our free webinar and ask questions there!

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