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Paperless Office Software – What is it?

Paperless office software come in many varieties, and not all paperless software is the same across the board.  We will discuss some features of paperless document management software in this article.  You have no doubt seen television advertisements for paperless scanners that scan your receipts and documents into some storage area on your computer.  Most of these paperless office software bundles do not touch the full capability of great document management.

Paperless Office Software Should:

  • Provide a means to scan your current archive of documents into the paperless software system.
  • Convert any forms such as PDF forms into paperless documents.
  • The ability to fill in paperless forms, and have that data saved into the paperless software system.  This can be done automatically if information on a client or account is already in the paperless software.  This might include the name, address, phone number of the client.
  • Automatically file existing scanned paper documents by reading portions of it using OCR.  For instance, instead of manually filing all scanned documents, the scanner software can read a portion of a document and figure out who it belongs to, and what category to file the paperless copy into such as invoices or contracts.  A control number such as invoice number or contract number can be read from the scanned document to help the paperless software file it automatically.  This is known as advanced capture.
  • Paperless software should also be able to have document security built in.  This might include read privileges or modify privileges to a group of document type or individual documents.  This will help only certain employees to see relevant documents to their case loads or access permissions.
  • Documents that are filed in the paperless office software can have all revisions, viewing history, and deletion history tracked.  This is great for auditing purposes.
  • Integration is a possibility with other systems.  The paperless office software should be able to import other systems for information, and have the information directly inputted to the paperless system without manual intervention.  Often, companies keep a system of record on an external system.  Then, the paperless office software syncs itself with that system.
  • Workflow is a big part of a good paperless software solution.  Users each have their own login to the system.  They could be part of a queue, and handle documents put into that workflow queue.  Then, as each user has availability, they can complete the task on the paperless document.  This may include reviewing a document, then “passing” the paperless document onto a superior.  This can be automatically done when they hit save.  It will workflow or route to the next individual in the process.
  • Electronic pen signatures can also be capture in a paperless document system.  Many USB pen signing systems can work with document management software.  It can even save a user’s signature once, and allow them to put in a pin code to reproduce the signature each time a form needs to be signed.

As you can see, paperless office software can make your office more efficient in many ways.  If you would like to see a demo of some of these solutions, feel free to sit in on our live webinar to see some of these features at work.  You can also ask specific questions of our presenters, and have them answered free!

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