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Paperless Law Office

A paperless law office is the way of the future for every law firm in American.  It is a natural fit for any law office because of the nature of extreme amount of paper they produce and go through for every client they have.  If a law office and turn their paper documents into paperless, the law office will do a great service to both themselves and their clients they serve.  With proper planning and a good paperless document software package, a law office can fundamentally change for the better the way they do business.

Benefits of a paperless law office

  • Save thousands of dollars on paper costs per month, as well as shredding costs.
  • Spend less time in your law office looking for papers, because all documents could be turned to paperless documents.
  • Find any document within seconds by searching, or pulling up digital paperless law office documents in your document management system.
  • Provide better service to your clients, by giving them access to their documents within seconds.  No more calling back from your law office to clients after you’ve spent time finding documents.
  • A paperless law office can have better workflow between employees.  Work on a document in a client file, then place it in a digital queue for the next employee to view or modify it.  Often times this is helpful to streamline the document flow from one employee to another, when multiple people must work on a file.
  • Work remotely, even pulling up documents from an iPad or while you are at home or even in the courthouse.  Ever forgot a file?  No more calling to the law office to hunt for it.  Simply pull it up from a tablet or laptop from anywhere.
  • Take on more clients by streamlining your process with a paperless law office system.

So you can see the benefits of a paperless law office are many.  Often times a law office can only take on so many clients, and still serve them efficiently.  Countless hours go into trial preparations and mediation.  Much of that is spent processing paperwork as well.  If a law office were able to save vast amounts of time on their paperwork, they would both be able to serve their clients better, and take on more business.

Imagine working on a case that contains several files.  You are going to a hearing and think you have grabbed all of the necessary documents that you will need to try your case.  Suddenly, you realize you meant to pull up documents relating to employment that your client must present before the judge.  Your client already submitted the information for review, but you simply cannot remember what was said at the deposition.  If you had a paperless law office solution in place, you could simply pull up the case within a matter of seconds.  You could then find the deposition notes that were entered into the paperless document system from 2 years ago.  The information you were seeking would be readily available for your review within a matter of seconds.  This scenario is all to familiar with many lawyers.  Without the right information, they attempt to argue around that particular situation, and hope it does not come up because you simply don’t have the information ready.  With a paperless office, that would not happen.

If you have further questions about how a paperless law office could benefit your firm, please attend a FREE webinar broadcast live.  There, we can answer any specific questions you may have about going paperless in the office.

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