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Paperless Filing System

A paperless filing system is also known as an electronic filing system. In this article we will go over some basics of a paperless filing system and how it can help your business become more efficient and save a lot of money. Most business think of paperless as simply scanning all their papers into documents and saving them on a computer. While only some of that is true, a great paperless document system does much more than that. It can literally change the way your business runs, and bring all sorts of benefits to your organization including both your customers and employees.

Why Have a Paperless Filing System – 6 Benefits

  • Work remotely – Your paperless system can allow your employees to work remotely.  Imagine being able to work on any document just as if you were in the office.  The document management system also enables you to check in or check out documents.  This way, the same document is not edited by more than one person at a time.  Allowing remote access may also help you have any paperless documents at your fingertips anywhere, including minutes before an important meeting with a client.
  • Automatically generate paperless forms – An office has many forms for their everyday business functions.  Often times you have basic information for a customer that needs to be filled out on each form.  This could include name, email, phone, address, SSN and more.  Save this set of information in the paperless filing system once, then have the system automatically fill out any forms with this information already typed inside the paperless document!
  • User permissions on the paperless system – Allow only some records to be seen by people, or modified.  You can set a user, or group of users to only be able to see certain cases, or even certain types of documents.  This enhanced security of your system, much better than traditional paper.
  • User workflow – Since each user gets his or her own login into the paperless filing system, you can set up automatic workflow routines.  Let’s say there is a folder for new employees of an HR department.  It must first run by Jan your resume screener.  When she’s done with a resume usually she copies it and gives it to the hiring manager, and also a copy to the background screener.  Now, once Jan has reviewed it and hit’s finished on the document, it can automatically be copied over to the two other people’s “queue” box.
  • HIPAA compliance – Every document has an automatic audit trail.  You can tell who has viewed a document, deleted it, or made any modifications to it along with when it happened.
  • Save money and time – When you migrate to a paperless filing system, your company will save both money and time.  You save countless hours of employees having to find documents because paperless documents will be at your fingertips in a matter of seconds.  This also helps to establish better customer service for you clients.  They no longer have to wait days for their file to be physically pulled up in your paper filing system, but can be sent their records with a few clicks of the mouth.  Your business will also save money on paper storage, shredding costs, ink and toner, and more.

As you can see, having a paperless filing system is great for any business that deals with paper on a daily basis.  If you would like to ask specific questions about how a paperless filing system can help, attend our FREE live webinar.  Ask your questions there to a live technician.  We’re happy to help!

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