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Paperless Document Management

Paperless Document Management

Get rid of files by going paperless.

Paperless document management is the process of adding, creating, modifying, archiving and sharing a paperless document.  There are many flavors to paperless document management software, but there are some common goals people are trying to each for a paperless system.  We also have encountered many seeking a paperless office, do not know the vast capabilities a good document management system can provide for their business.  Below is a wish list of functions that clients have told us they want as functionality of their paperless document management system.


Paperless Document Management Wish List

  • Turn a physical document into a digital scanned paperless document.
  • Share and access documents among multiple users.
  • Auto-generate documents within the paperless document management software, using saved values.
  • Audit of paperless documents and paperless trail.
  • Electronic forms generated into the document management system.
  • Workflow a paperless document to other users.
  • HIPAA and security compliance in documents in the paperless system.
  • Process and move paperless documents automatically.

What you must understand about paperless document management, is that it simply isn’t a collection of scanned paper documents.  That would not be a document management software that would do most people any good.  What sets paperless document management systems apart from others, is the ability to find documents by typing in text, and hitting search.  It also differs in that within the management software, permissions can be granted to various levels and users.  So, if you do not want a sales person seeing the sales documents of another employee, that is possible.  If you do not want a certain department to see financial information, that is possible also.  With traditional paper based offices, most anyone can see and read the paper files of any of your clients.  This is problematic on several fronts, but going to paperless documents can alleviate these problems.

Once your office migrates to paperless document management, you will wonder how you ever conducted business without it.  A good document management system will quite literally change the way your office conducts business on a daily basis.  We have witnessed several clients increase their bottom line, decrease their turn around time for clients and services, and save hundreds if not thousands on business products.  This includes storage costs, copy and printer machines, and those pests of printer toner and drum cartridges.

Paperless document management is just that, it manages what used to be your paper.  Why not let the computers do the “heavy lifting” such as filing, and finding, and free up your employees to concentrate on business objectives.  Take the pain out of managing paper, by going to paperless documents in your office.  We recently converted a very large organization with hundreds of employees and several branch offices.  They alerted us that the paperless document management system we implemented took their response time from an average of 7 days, to 1 day total.  That is a huge return on investment for that company, and enabled them to save thousands of dollars per month in additional employee costs as well as driving time. Driving time you say?  Yes, because the documents they dealt with were HIPAA sensitive, and were literally hand delivered from one branch to another.

Paperless document management may be a scary endeavor for your business, but it doesn’t have to be.  Attend our FREE live webinar held each week, and have your questions, and some you have not even thought of answered by our helpful technicians.  It is not a sales presentation, but instead an informative webinar packed with great ideas and tips about migrating to paperless document management.

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