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Paperless Dental Office

A paperless dental office can make both the dentist and his clients happy.  You will be able to run your entire dental office off of a document management system that will save on employee time costs, as well as office supply resources.  In addition, it is a great service to your clients.  It will speed and streamline their dental appointments, scheduling, medical charts, and more.  Each customer in your dental office will have a number or documents in their file.  This may be details of past work, X-rays, insurance information, waivers, and more.  Having all of these documents become paperless will help you focus on your clients more, and less on the paperwork that is associated with serving them.

How Can a Paperless Dental Office Help Me?

  • Instantly have your dental office’s records at your fingertips – A good document management system will allow you to even pull up records on an iPAD.  No more searching for file, or copying documents.  Simply pull up the paperless version of the document, and find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Security of dental paperwork – Keep your client’s confidential information away from prying eyes.  You can assign view and modifying privileges to documents so that only the relevant dental worker can see them.  Keep HIPAA sensitive information away from those who don’t need to view it.
  • Less filing with paperless – A paperless dental office will have less filing than a regular dental office.  Documents can be scanned, and automatically inserted in your client’s file.  Documents can also be auto-generated.
  • Share paperless documents – Your dental office will be able to share documents between employees of your office.  Certain documents can be set to be seen by everyone, while other documents can be restricted for who sees them.  At times a dentist will need to refer out to a specialist, such as a dental surgeon or orthodontist.  Easily send portions of your case file securely to them.  Simply click and print those records, or e-fax them automatically.
  • Archive invoices and insurance information – Securely keep your client’s insurance and personal details on file.  Everything is encrypted on the document management software so that no unauthorized access is possible.
  • Automatic back of dental office records – A good document management paperless system can backup all your documents in the cloud.  Imagine a fire or natural disaster destroying your office.   Would you be able to get all your dental records back?  With a good paperless dental office in place, you can be sure your information will be backed up and kept in the cloud.

A paperless dental office is the way to go to make sure you dental office if run efficiently.  You can save thousands of dollars a month on employees spending time copying, filing, and managing paper records.  You will also be able to save a lot of costs on printers, toner, drum cartridges, fax machines, and paper.  Many dental offices also need monthly shredder services.  A paperless office can significantly cut back on all of those, and bring a return on investment very quickly.

If you have specific questions about a paperless dental office solution, attend our FREE live paperless webinar to ask your questions!

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