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Paperless Business Systems

Paperless business systems are also known as document management systems. They help a business go paperless and manage their documents all electronically. There are many software packages available. However, not all paperless systems are the same. When looking into which solution to use, it takes quite a bit of planning ahead. A business should ask themselves what type of workflow they have on a document level. Other questions have to do with security and rights of users. You should also plan for how the paperless business will integrate with existing systems. The following are some helpful guidelines.

paperless business systems photoPaperless Business Systems Planning Process:

  1. First gather all the documents your company uses.
  2. Look at each document and write down the work flow.  Write down where the document originates and where it ends.  Also write down each person that must modify, view, or receive the document.
  3. Write down a list of employees.  Determine the level of rights each will have.  This includes rights to view, create, modify, and delete documents.
  4. Write down how documents are currently organized and stored.
  5. Determine if any process can be done away with your paperless business systems.

A truly paperless business can take productivity to a new level.  With enough planning, your office will have a great document management system up and running.  It will become the foundation of all your forms so be sure to take enough time to plan well.

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