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iPad Paperless Office

iPad paperless office systemsAn iPad paperless office helps keep your office efficient and simple.  The iPad took the world by storm, and creating a whole new market for everyday computer user as well as business use by the iPad interface.  As a result, the demand for paperless office software to work on iPads and other tablets grew.  Therefore, it is possible to use, access, and create paperless documents on an iPad just like a normal desktop computer.

Many companies choose to input data into their paperless office system by way of electronic forms on the web.  Once that data has been submitted, which an iPad easily can access the web to do, that data becomes part of their paperless office environment.  An iPad can interact with the paperless office very effectively through the web.  This covers both employees and customers.  As an example, an employee could add new data and generate paperless filled out PDFs right on their iPad or other tablet.  Secondly, customers could fill out web forms and that that data become part of the document management system.

Many state and federally funded agencies have purchased iPads for their employees to use, and remote into their office from.  Aside from interaction with electronic web forms, an iPad can be used to read, modify, or create documents in the actual paperless office environment. This means an employee could work directly on their iPad, completing all tasks and items stored in the paperless office system.  This has gotten many people excited about the opportunities for iPads to revolutionize a paperless office.

iPad Paperless Office Uses:

  • Interact with your paperless office just like a desktop computer.
  • Have employees easily work remotely from their iPads anywhere.
  • Use the iPad to fill out paperless web forms, and turn them into PDFs.
  • Print from the iPad any documents needed.
  • Access the paperless office environment with an iPad along with full work function capabilities.
We have personally seen many institutions such as government agencies, and even local cities and schools buy their employees iPads to use.  As such, many have come seeking for a paperless iPad office solution so that their employees can work from home.  How we integrate this with an in office paperless system that any PC or laptop can access, is seamless.  The iPad paperless office works just like accessing documents from home.  You log in with your iPad, visit the web version of the document management software right on your iPad, and start using the paperless office system.  It works with any version of the iPad, and also with many Android tablets.
Adding an iPad paperless access system for your employees will keep them thanking you in no time.  They will be thrilled they can use their iPad on the go, and see the same documents they saw at the office right there on their iPad.  They can check out the document, work on it, and save a copy back to the paperless office software.  Since iPads are ultra portable, they can catch up on work on a plane, or even a coffee shop before a big meeting.  Access to business level documents using iPad or similar tablets is the way and future of computing.  Inquire more on our live paperless webinar about how to access the iPad paperless office today!


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