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Document Security Solutions

Document security solutions that come from a paperless office can completely transform the way your business functions.  In today’s world, thousands of cyber crimes are committed each year.  Sometimes, it is as simple as a thief gaining access to documents they should not be able to view.  This also plays out in the physical world of paper.  Any thief can cunningly gain access to an unlocked office or storage cabinet, or even trash.  It is imperative that today’s businesses are knowledgeable about document security solutions as it pertains to their business.

For many, document security draws feelings of anxiety.  Yet, it does not have to be difficult nor scary to implement.  A good document security solution will allow you the confidence to know only those certain people allowed to see or modify a document have done so.  Document security also builds in a protective layer of tracking, so that any document can be securely traced, showing a history of anyone that viewed, edited or created a document.  This also makes compliance auditors well pleased.

Factors in Document Security Solutions

  • Control who sees information and how long.
  • Track anytime a user views, edits, or creates a document.
  • Multiple level access and grouping structure using a document security solution.
  • Document security can be maintained transparent to the user.  This means that if a document is not viewable by a user, he or she will never know it exists.
  • Use a hosted and encrypted document security solution instead of relying on file cabinet locks and closed office doors.  You’ll be able to set user permissions and manager permissions in the paperless system.
  • Protect your data from catastrophic loss by hardware failure or employee failure.

Concerning document security solutions, let’s image the following scenario.  Your company hires a nice person to clean up the office at night time, your employees just are following through and leaving trash all over the place.  The night time clean up person does well for some time, but then a month later he does not show up for work.  In the mean time, you’ve given him several office keys to clean out each and every office.  Oh, and by the way, your business deals with sensitive financial information, but many of those documents are left in the open since you have not gone with a paperless solution.  As a result, your document security solution is from a lock and key, and responsible employees locking up those files before they go home each and every night.  One day, you get a disturbing call from a private investigator who is researching a customer of you have, who’s identity has been stolen.

Suddenly, panic strikes you.  Are your employees responsible?  Did someone copy items and take them home with them?  What could of happened?  Then, you remember that seemingly nice person who cleaned up the office for you for a month, who had every key in the building.  Needless to say, this has become a document security nightmare.

With paperless document security solutions, this case would not exist.  However, similar cases happen every day all over the world.  Documents not being secure is the number one way identity theft is performed.  Many steal information, and sell them to other parties around the world, even to some terrorist organizations to fund their crimes.

So, the solution to document security is to go to a paperless document system, where all your information is secure and kept from prying eyes.  Ask us more questions about this on our FREE live webinar held each week.

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