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Benefits of Going Paperless

The benefits of going paperless are many, too numerous to list because every business is different.  Many companies hear the buzzword of paperless, and begin to get interested in the benefits of paperless right away.  With good planning, a business can tap into these benefits and save time, money, and resources.  In addition, the main benefit of going paperless is probably increased productivity.  When an office if converted to a paperless document system, their return on investment goes up, and usually made back within the first year.  Imagine the benefit of having to hire one less employee because of the time saved by going to paperless document management.  If you are considering going paperless in your office, here are a few tips and benefits.

7 Benefits of Going Paperless Today

  1. Increase your productivity – This is probably the most important benefit of going paperless.  Think about the amount of hours a business like a law office spends looking for and filing documents.  Now, immediately find a document within minutes by searching for text, or even the client name in your document management software.  Once a document has been scanned paperless, it can usually be found within seconds.  Now multiple that by how many times a regular paper document is searched for.
  2. Better service for your clients – Increasing the productivity as a benefit of paperless document systems goes hand in hand with providing better service for your clients.  Now their wait time is shorter.  Easily email the client digital copies of any forms or record you want.  You can even have them sign digitally documents right away, instead of making them come into the office.  Most business must put the client on hold, and tell them they will get back to them when they pull their file.  You can avoid that and provide an added benefit of paperless for your clients, by pulling the information instantly.  This will definitely make your customers happy.
  3. Less cost of paper – Many companies must adhere to HIPAA compliant document procedures, and must use shredding techniques.  Every year millions of pounds worth of paper are shredded and disposed of.  This impact the environment, as well as the operating cost of the company.  Besides the security issue, some companies must keep storage of certain documents for 2 years, or some other specific time amount.  Now, those files can be brought offsite as a benefit, and simply pulled up digitally.
  4. Security practices –  Some paper documents can easily be accessed in an office environment, and thus stolen or copied.  With a paperless system, that can be eliminated by setting user permissions on the documents and file storage locations.  Now, only those eyes who have proper access credentials can view the documents.  This is a great benefit of going paperless, and works out well for businesses such as law offices, school, medical offices and more.  A paperless system also can easily be backed up.  There is no backing up a physical document, if it’s destroyed it’s gone from floods, fires, and more.  A paperless document can be backed up offline, and stored securely in a data center.
  5. Green friendly environment –  As covered in some points above, going paperless can help the environment.  Cut back on your own costs and costs to the environment.
  6. Paperless workflow –  Ever need to pass a certain form or paper document from one person to another to do work?  Paperless systems allow items to be work-flowed.  This means a form could go to the first employee or queue, then passed on to the next when done.  The paperless document can even be “checked out” so more than one person does not attempt changes on it.  This is also a great benefit of going paperless.
  7. Integration with other systems –  At times a business will want to get documents into their document management system in various ways.  This could be a web form, or even data scraped from a website.  Imagine all leads automatically become paperless forms, and sent to a queue for processing by a sales team.  If the client is approved, or goes from a lead to a customer, simply drag that form to their folder.  Now, you’ve started a file automatically for them!

As you can see, there are many benefits of going paperless in your office.  Check out our live paperless webinar which is FREE for more added benefits.

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