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Automatically Filling and Generating PDFs

Automatically filling and generating a PDF with a paperless document management system is one of the great benefits of a document management system.  Imagine never having to input that basic data that appears on every PDF you are filling out.  Now, automatically filling that PDF data is very easy once the paperless system has the information.  When we show businesses about going paperless in the office, this is one of the questions they usually have.  How does automatically filling out a PDF or generating PDFs work?  Below are some of the questions we have encountered about this.

How Does Automatically Filling and Generating PDFs Work?

  • Where does the data come from to automatically fill PDFs? – The data can be entered into the document management system in many ways.  Many clients pull a data feed from a system of record, and import that automatically into the paperless system.  Data can of course be entered manually into the document management system.  Once it is in there, you won’t need to enter it on any forms again.  This may include automatically filling out a PDFs form elements such as name, address, phone, email, SSN, etc.
  • How do we sign PDFs? – The document management software can automatically sign a PDF.  This can occur in a few ways.  One way is to have all employees using the document system sign an electronic signature pad once.  Then the system saves that signature.  When they need to sign more documents, they can enter a 4 digit code, and it will then stamp their signature on the specific area automatically on the filled PDF.
  • What systems can I get data from into the paperless document software without having to type it in? – The document system supports many ways to get new data into the system.  This can be done through web programming APIs.  It can also import data from Excel, CSV files, or even any software that runs on SQL or MySQL databases, as well as Access.  If the data can be read, it can be automatically imported even from proprietary software systems.
  • How do I make a PDF into a form that can be filled out? – Any PDF can be turned into a form that has data fields that can be filled out.  Some or all data fields can be filled automatically if data exists in the system.  Other fields can be filled out by third parties, such as sending them secure links to fill out that information.
  • Are PDFs secure? – Yes, any document in the paperless software system is secure.  You can set credentials for viewing rights and modifying rights on any document.  You can even keep a record on the revision history of any document.  This meets with HIPPA compliant regulations.

Having the ability to enter data once, or update data once is a strong point of going paperless in your office.  PDFs have become the standard document forms most businesses use, so being about to generate PDFs and automatically filling them is crucial.  With a document management system, that step is easy.  If you would like to ask your questions live during our free webinar, sign up today!

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