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A Paperless Office

A paperless office is the future of work places across the world.  Virtualization, cloud technology, remote access, and digital goods are here to stay.  Going paperless is a step to not only help the environment, but also streamline business process.  Let’s face it, we’re an on-demand society, and paperless office technology helps quickly bring data to your fingertips.  There is no more searching through file cabinets for pieces of paper.  A document management system changes that.   Now with the few clicks of a button the information is found instantly.

Paperless documents makes office work stress free!Data appears when you want it.  Also, a good document solution comes with built in document security and permissions.  In this growing digital age, data security breaches can be catastrophic for a business.  In a paper free office that becomes less of a threat.

Each document can have view rights.  It can also have write permission, create rights, and more.  Team leaders can restrict or permit access to paperless documents at will.  It also makes sharing between office workers easier than ever.  A digital paperless document can be shared and “passed” along to various employees.  They can then perform certain functions on a document.  When they are done, they “pass it” or workflow it to another person.

Save Money and Time

A paperless office will also save the business costs tied  to paper based offices.  There are greatly reduced costs paper, copiers, and storage.  In your mind up all the time employees spend looking up and searching for needed documents.  You will find a paperless office environment will save countless man hours for the business per week, per month, and per year.  This only increases the bottom line of a business.  It’s a return on investment that keeps giving back to the business year after year.

Another consideration of going to a paperless office environment is that it keep all of your data in sync.  This helps keep all of your employees in sync as well.  An electronic document can be “checked out” and modified by one user at a time.  This way, two users are not making changes at the same time.  If that happened their work becomes tangled and useless. In addition, databases can reflect live and real time changes back into and from the paperless system.

Great Paperless Office Systems:

  • Can help you save paper, copier, and storage costs.
  • Can help you work faster by building in preset workflow.
  • Can help secure documents from the wrong eyes.
  • Can help decrease turn around time in processing.
  • Can help instantly find data.
  • Can make sure information is the same across many systems.
  • Can keep keying errors or data duplication from happening.
  • Going paperless can make your life happy!

What to Do Now?

A paperless office is the way of the future.  We suggest you inquire about our free live webinar held each Wednesday.  We can answer any questions for you free, and live.  So come prepared with your brainstorming cap.  Bring any questions you may have.  We’ll do our best to answer them all.  We not only promote paperless offices, we have one ourselves!  We have been using paperless technology for a number of years.  we simply can’t imagine running our business without it!


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